Residential Services

Existing Alarm

If you have an existing operational security system give us a call today about getting it monitored. In most cases we can utilize and reprogram the current system. However, in some instances systems aren't compatible and we will have to upgrade your security system. 

Basic Security Solution

There's a lot of options when it comes to security, we understand that it can be overwhelming. That's why we offer a basic package it includes:

1- Panel/keypad

3- Doors/Windows

1-Motion Detector


1-Cellular Communicator for Monitoring

Custom Security Solution

We take time to listen to your concerns and assess if there's any other undetected security concerns. Then we develop a comprehensive solution to alleviate your concerns and secure your world. 

Automated Security

This is where comfort and peace of mind come together to create the ultimate secure home solution. Our electronic security systems allow you to have control of your surveillance cameras, locks, garage doors, lighting, and air conditioning all from the palm of your hand. It's literally your world at your fingertips. So when you arrive home you can turn on the lights, open the garage door, turn down the ac, disarm the alarm all from the safety and convince of your vehicle.  And with our security and audio options you can even turn on music to invite you in.

Residential Fire Systems

Smoke detectors do save lives. Monitored smoke alarms are a very integral part of that phrase. Basic diy smoke detectors just alert the people inside the home. However, if the people are incapacited or the smoke detector has been tampered with no one will know until it's to late. Monitored smoke system take care of this by constantly supervising the integrity of the detector and then there's support staff at the monitoring station that makes sure there's help coming. At JL Fire and Security we understand the importance that smoke detectors have and we don't take that lightly. Every system is designed and installed to current fire codes by technicans licensed by the Texas State Fire Marshals Office.  

Audio and Video Solutions

Audio- Distributed audio allows you to immerse yourself with music or other sources of audio. You can chose different sources in different rooms and play them simultaneously. For example, if you and the guys are grilling outside and wanted to listen to the game while the ladies are inside and wanted to just have music on in the background. This can be done easily and the best part is its all controlled from an intuitive app or keypads mounted on the wall.

Video- Speaking of the game wouldn't it be nice to have a connection readily available to plug your tv into. With custom video solutions we put connections where they need to be and wire them to a central distribution location so there's issues when it comes to getting tv signals where you need them. As well we can program a single use remote to fire up the surround sound, turn on the tv, and turn on the cable box from one button that's easily understandable. 

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